Unsung Story another Kickstarter scam

Kickstarters are always a gamble because you have to treat them as investments sometimes they pay off and sometimes in the case of Unsung Story they don’t which is unfortunate for those who put money into it $660,126 to be exact. The game was going to be a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics and […]

Woody meets Sora in new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer

During this weekends D23 expo where Disney showed off its many upcoming projects it showed off a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. In the new trailer we saw the world of Toy Story making its way into the already massive world that is Kingdom Hearts. While part of me just wishes that they would […]

Lots of games from Ubisoft at E3

At this years E3 press conference Ubisoft started of with a big splash with its first title Mario Rabbits Kingdom Battle which looks like a fun strategy game that resembles XCOM. As weird are it sounds to combine those 2 franchises it seems to work well. After a well needed break we saw the return […]

EA Play Conference makes its presence known with some some cool titles

EA was first up to begin the week-long festivities of E3 and it started of first with Madden 18 story mode which looks like a football drama from a movie. Seems like a cool touch to get people who don’t play madden interested in the game and those who do something more than just the […]

Exciting time to be a Switch owner

In Nintendo fashion, they released their video for this years E3 called Nintendo Spotlight 2017 showcasing all of the upcoming titles coming this and next year. First up was Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a game that I missed out on the Wii, the visuals looks stunning on the Switch and gameplay looks just as incredible. So […]

Lots of Old games with new experiences from Bethesda

Bethesda had its E3 presentation and this year the focus was on bringing new life to some old games like Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls Online for a fresh new experience. First up was Fallout 4 and Doom both great titles which are getting VR experiences for both games.  I’m sure that’s exciting news for […]

No Pokemon Stars but Gold/Silver coming to Nintendo eShop

So today Nintendo released an 8 minute Pokemon Direct of all the games coming out and from all the speculations and rumors most everyone was expecting to finally get a confirmation about Pokemon Stars but alas the announcement never came leaving many people disappointed. What we did get instead was Pokken Tournament DX which is […]

Legendary Pokemon coming to Pokemon Go

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything but its a good a time as any to start once again so here I go. For those who still play Pokemon Go myself included will be happy to learn that legendary Pokemon will likely come out this summer. The reason I say likely is because during […]

New and improved New 2DS XL

In a strange move Nintendo released a video to announced a New 2DS XL system. The new system looks like a more conventional 3DS system with the addition of the c-stick and without the 3D settings. This seems like an odd move from Nintendo especially having just launched the Switch and you would think they […]

Make way for the SNES Classic this Holiday season

With the news that Nintendo has discontinued the NES Classic after such a short time many people were saddened by the news because many now how to resort to dishing out 2 to 3 times the original sticker price for the console on Ebay or Craigslist. While I understand that this was never going to […]

New Injustice trailer shows in dept look of Gear system

For those who haven’t seen it the Injustice 2 team released a new trailer showing people a more in dept look on how the gear customization system will work in the game from increasing their attributes like attack or defensive stats to adding special unique abilities related to the gear. honestly I can’t wait for this […]

Time to get back into the grove of writing

Not sure how to begin other than to say sorry for the absence in content but I was getting burnt out from simply trying to find things to write about and mainly keeping pace with all the news, not to mention planning for a wedding has taken some of my free time away. With that […]