The Public is invited to attend this years E3

E3 one of the biggest gaming expos for video games will be opening its doors to the public this year allowing 15,000 people to experience all the hoop-la of E3 first hand. For those who are interested the tickets will go on sale this Monday February 13th and the first lucky 1,000 people to purchase […]

Robin takes on the Bat in new Injustice 2 trailer

I’m excited because Robin is the latest to be revealed as a payable character for Injustice 2. Not much else to really say other than the game is looking amazing and Robin looks like he is going to be a beast in battle. Time to brush my Injustice skills with the first game as I […]

New Injustice 2 trailer

While most of us are still trying to process all that Nintendo Switch information from the presentation last week Netherealms Studios dropped a new trailer for Injustice 2. I don’t play many fighting games but I’m excited for this game especially since I played the first one and that turned out to be a pleasant […]

A trailer for The Last Of Us II drops

Along with the Video Game Awards, Sony had it PlayStation experience event this weekend and they dropped some trailers for up and coming games including a sequel to one of the best game for the PS3 The Last Of Us. That game was amazing from beginning to end so I was excited to see that […]

Nintendo is Heading to Universal Theme parks

Pretty stoked about this announcement, looks like Nintendo has teamed up with Universal Theme parks to bring some of its properties for fans to enjoy. As a fan of Nintendo I would be cool to be able to visit a theme park with a dedicated area from some of Nintendo’s iconic properties and characters. I […]

Nintendo Switch

How about that Nintendo NK I mean Nintendo Switch trailer. Finally a few of the many questions we have on the device were answered. First of the controller which started of as your typical controller aside from them looking like a Wii/U controller detaches from the controller base and attaches to the Switch screen to be […]