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Aliens Colonial Marines Review

Title: Aliens Colonial Marines
Developer: Gearbox
Publisher: Sega
Console Available: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Number of Players: 1 – 16
ESRB: Mature
Rating 2 out of 5


Aliens Colonial Marines was supposed to be this magnificent game that took place after the event of the second film. Unfortunately the end result is a game that is lacking many things including a good connection between the films. The game takes place  after the events of the second film as you are sent to investigate a distress call sent out by the USS Sulaco which has been orbiting LV-426. You are sent along side with other marines to investigate. Shortly after arriving on the Sulaco you discover a large Xenomorph infestation not to mention as you try to survive the Xenomorphs you also have to deal with the Weyland company which has sent its own military force. Now you must escape and figure out what the Weyland company is up to.

There was much hype for this game and with good reason within the months that lead up to the release we saw footage of what appeared to be a well polished game and gameplay that looked amazing and Xenomorphs that were deadly and cunning. Unfortunately we got a game that suffers from frame rate, AI that was less than challenging and a game that graphically does not impress.

One of my biggest disappointments is how the Aliens act for starters they just seem to come at you head on without any kinda tactics making combat very easy and a bit dull at times. The Weyland forces do seem to put up more of a fight but still not enough to make it seem like they are a big threat. I just never had a moment were I felt like “I can’t believe I just survived that”  type of moments in the game. Another thing that I was very disappointed in as a fan is that one of the reasons why these creatures are so deadly is that even in death they can kill you with their acid blood that can penetrate practically anything. Unfortunately this was missing in the game and you were able to touch the Xenomorphs after you killed them without any repercussions. I thought the story was ok at times with moments of tension between the marines as they try to coupe with everything around them and at times it’s a bit hard to follow due to inconsistency between the movies and the game.

I felt graphically it was just not all there from the environments   the cut scenes looked average at best but it was still pretty cool revisiting these familiar places. As far as the game is concerned it controlled very nicely not the best frame rate for a shooter but barely passes. Some of the things that I did enjoy were finding some of the iconic weapons from the movie like Ripley’s flamethrower or  Hicks shotgun.

The game also has a Multiplayer mode like many other games now a days and this one seems a bit more interesting due to the fact you can use the Xenomorphs as you face of against marines or vice versa. You can modify load-outs with different Xenomorphs and equip marines with different weapons which isn’t something new. The only thing to keep in mind is that the mode is intended to be a team effort an less of a solo effort.

While there have been a few patches to try and fix some of the problems in the game, the end result is still a mediocre game at best.  Overall if your a fan of the game may enjoy it a bit more and look a bit past the flaws that the game has you might be able to enjoy they game a bit. This is a game were I highly recommend renting it at Gamefly or if you don’ have that service get it used at your local Gamestop and if you don’t like it you can always return it within 7 days and get your money back.


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