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My Issues with Remakes and HD games

It seems like we’re seeing more and more games are getting remade or get the HD treatment from companies, most notably Nintendo who seems to thrive on reviving some of our beloved games and revamping them for the next generation of consoles and gamer’s. I feel joy and excitement as well as hesitation at the idea of revamping a game. There are so many games out there that I would love to see many games go through this  like Jet Force Gemini, Final Fantasy 7,The Legend Of Dragoon, Jade Empire and so on but at the same time I feel like they should just be left alone.

I know that HD games are a great way to introduce players to old franchises and revitalize a franchise. While I understand this I also know that games that get remade or the HD treatment go through good and bad changes from camera controls, tweaking menus, adding new features and of course updated graphics, but when you change something in a game you can change the structure of the game and potentially change the feel of the game from the original. Case in point Conquer Live and Reloaded which was Remade for the Xbox a game that looked great but suffered because all the dialogue was toned down from the original something that made the original game so great. Another problem is that publishers sometimes forget to recapture that essence that made the original game great. For me a game that I was so happy to hear was getting remade was Turtles In Time my favorite TMNT game. But after playing it, it just didn’t seem to feel the same. While the overall feel of the game might only be noticed by those who played the original it’s still something that does get noticed by some players. I think the biggest thing for me is that while it is nice to play a game I played so many years ago with updated graphics is simply that. You’re essentially paying for something you bought so many years ago you might be paying less when you first purchased the game but you are simply paying for the same game once again.

While I don’t think this is the case for most HD and remade games I’m sure this does run through the back of our minds when we hear that a game that we love is getting remade. I may have a bit of hesitation when it comes to this subject I know that there have been great HD and remakes that have come out in recent years like Jak and Dexter, God Of War, Super Mario 64, Punch Out, Beyond Good & Evil and many others.  While I may not be a big fan of these games, they are great way to play a game that you might have missed out on when it was first released.


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