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Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons Review

Title: Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons
Developer:  Starbreeze Studios
Publisher: 505 Games
Consoles Available: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Number of Players: Single
ESRB Rating: T
Rating: 4 out of 5


Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons is a very unique downloadable game that delivers an unconventional gaming experience. The story is simple and easy to grasp, you take control of Naiee the younger brother and Nyaa the older brother as they try to help their father who has fallen ill. The village doctor tells them that the only way to save him, they must go to the Tree Of Life and retrieve the water from it.

The game has a surprisingly dark tone that carries throughout the course of the game with pockets of lightheartedness brought on by Naiee. I really enjoyed the story and how it progressed and enjoyed when the game reverted back to the father reminding you why the two brothers are on this journey. For only being a few hours long the game takes you on a great journey across a castle, what I can only assume is the last remains of a battle of giants, large mountains and many more that look incredible. The ending was great and a surprise that I did not expect. One thing that can be noticed right away is the game doesn’t have a conventional spoken dialog, instead characters speak a unique language much like the Sims games. While you are not able to understand the unique language you can tell what the characters are trying to convey through their tone and body language. As you go on your adventure along the way you can interact with other characters and environment with each brother getting a unique response.

One of the most unique aspects of the game is that you use both thumbsticks to control each brother at the same time. This makes for a very unique and interesting gameplay experience especially when it comes to solving puzzles or just moving from point A to point B. I both enjoyed this as well as became frustrated by it at times because it can be challenging at times to maneuver both brothers on the screen at the same time. This also made puzzles that might seem easy with one character a lot more challenging having to maneuver both brothers on-screen.

Overall the story was surprisingly dark at times filled in with some light-hearted but a touching story nonetheless. The game looked awesome and the lack of dialog was a big risk but works well. Having to control both brothers on-screen can be challenging and something that never goes away. Even with that said the game still succeeds in telling a good story in a few hours that will be enjoyed by those who enjoy a story driven games.


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