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Fallout 3 Review

Title: Fallout 3
Developer:  Bethesta Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesta Softworks
Platforms Available: Xbox 360,PS3 , PC
Number of Players: Single
ESRB Rating: M
Rating: 4 out of 5


Fallout 3 story is set in a post apocalyptic world after all the major powers of the world unleashed their nuclear arsenal on one another. This left the world decimated and decimated nearly everything everyone but those that survived faced a new harsh and grim reality. 200 years after the bombs went off  you are born in one of the many vaults in DC raised by your father a scientist. Many years go by and he then just open up the vault and disappears and now you go in search of him in a hostile DC where nearly everything and everyone you meet is a danger to you.

For much of Fallout 3 story you are merely searching for your father in the vast DC wasteland.  As you search for clues to his whereabouts most of the people who you encounter will simply divulge the last they saw of your father but a few will go more into detail as to how they know him. This makes the story a bit more interesting because you learn that he has been coming in and out of the supposed sealed vault making his disappearance and the story more intriguing. But until you finally meet him the story is on a very steady pace with very little excitement which is a bit unfortunate.  Even after finishing the game I felt like the overall story was simply okay but then again Fallout 3 strong aspects is the amount of content the game has to offer players.

The main story missions might take roughly 20 hours to complete but it will take you many more hours to fully explore this vast and incredibly large game world and complete all side missions in the game. While completing the main story missions you can also undertake and complete side missions that you acquire by talking to the people you meet along your journey.All the missions you undertake will have various objectives to complete and some include optional objectives to complete as well. While it may not be necessary to complete the optional objectives it would be wise to take the time to complete them as you’ll be rewarded handsomely. In some missions you will also be given the option to go in a noble or sinister way which will raise or lower your Karma level depending on the course of action you take.

Fallout 3 is a combination of a shooter/rpg with both elements working side by side. Lets start with the rpg aspects of the game first, like most games you gain experience when you defeat enemies as well as complete missions. The enemies that you will face vary from the occasional giant scorpions and mole’s and more menacing groups such as raiders and super mutants that will attempt to kill if they spot you.

Being that this is a rpg I didn’t expect the level cap to be so low but then again all to often i find myself grinding to raise my level but then I find combat a bit boring an uninteresting. but by capping the level i found the game  challenging even towards the end of the game. With a cap also comes very important things to consider such as what attributes to increase. once you gain enough experience you will increase your level and you will receive points which you can spend to increase the various stats, from big guns, science and many more. After every level you will also choose perks per every level. another thing that took me by surprise is that you are limited to how much you are able to carry which is determined by your strength.

Anything and everything has some kind of use and being able to manage all that you carry becomes key because if you carry too much you become slow and potentially become an easy target to those around you. I enjoyed this because it made the game interesting and fit with a post apocalyptic world were you have to worry about finding useful supplies but also knowing what to take and what to leave behind.  Anything and everything that you collect throughout the game can be useful but for the items that you may have to many or you may not need you can also sell them at vendors located in most town as well as the ones who are wondering around the DC wasteland.

As far as combat is concerned there is quite a variety of weapons available in the game, most you will take of those who you have taken down in combat and a few you might purchase or build.  A large if not most of the weapons that you use will come from all the enemies you’ve laid waste to. Every weapons will deteriorate and breakdown over time but you can repair the weapons and equipment you carry with the same item or similar item and doing so will increase the amount of damage the weapon does. something unique to the game is the VAT system which hones your characters shooting skill to accurately pinpoint an enemies particular body part and do some major damage.  Of course how accurate is determined by the weapon and distance the foe is.

Lets just say the game is vast and will take you many hours to explore and complete. While I felt the story dragged on a bit and seemed unexciting at times the game does have plenty of side missions for those who want to veer off course from the main story for a bit.  There are many places to find and explore Which is one of the main reasons I kept coming back to the game because I wanted to keep exploring. Fallout 3 is a game that mixes and meshes both rpg and shooter elements that work well together it’s also one of those games that you can easily spend 30 to 40 hours and still not be done with. I recommend Fallout 3 for those who enjoy exploring everything a game has to offer.


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