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Playstation and its E3 presence

Much like it was Xbox’s big day to show of all the games coming out for its console Playstation also had it moment to shine. Lots of games from Destiny one of those games that people are just dying to get their hands on. You also had the return of Sackboy along with some new friends in Little Big Planted 3, Farcry 4 looks like a fun FPS, Dead Island 2 and a game that people when nuts over Grim Fandango. They also focused a bit on indie games. Overall Playstation showed a large amount of games that genuinely peaked my interest in one way or another. Not only did they show off some new and exciting games but they also revealed some new programs like Free To Play as well as a white console that will be bundled with Destiny when it comes and some information about Playstation Now. Simply put Playstation delivered on all counts.


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I've been gaming for many years now from the early days of the Nintendo all the way up to now. I was part of a site for a number of years but decided to venture out on my own. I created this site to see how far I could go on my own.

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