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Top Wii U games out of E3 2014

Generally when we consider exclusives we think of Microsoft or Sony but Nintendo still has some cool games that will only appear on its system. Here are the top ones for the Wii U.

First up is Xenoblade Chronicles X is a sci-fi, rpg that simply looks amazing and a must have for rpg fans looking for something great on the Wii U.

Splatoon is a third person shooter that is different from most but still familiar. The goal of the game is simple  you with the rest of your teammates have shooter that shot paint and you must cover as much of the map in your teams color before time runs out. You can also turn into squids and move through the paint to move through the map faster. While it’s no Call Of Duty this game will appeal to anyone looking for a fun shooter on the Wii U.

While most of the games that were shown by Nintendo were family friendly we did see a few games for a more mature audience including this one. Bayonetta 2 is just the kind of game Nintendo needs to attract a more mature crowd to its console. The game looks fantastic on the Wii U and the game comes with the original game as well as a few added bonuses that could only be possible with Nintendo.

Nintendo had a few surprising announcements including a new Star Fox game fo the Wii U. While the game was not shown during Nintendo’s digital direct event they did show a very early version of the game outside of the E3 showroom floor. Even though nothing of the game was shown and only a hand full of people got a chance to see the game, this is one of hose games that I will keep a close eye on.

The top exclusive game for the Wii U is non other than the new Legend Of Zelda game which was teased during Nintendo’s digital direct. What we saw looked breathtaking and simply amazing especially the chase that ensues as what appears to be Link rides away on a horse away from a mechanized robot. The game is expected to come out 2015.


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