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Time to part ways with some of my video games

We all reach those points in our lives where we suddenly realize that certain things don’t matter as much and its time to move on. For many years I saw myself as a collector always looking out for those video game deals wherever I could find them. As I started to acquire more and more games it became clear that I was acquiring games faster than I could play them or even beat them. I’m pretty sure I still have a few games that I don’t think I’ve ever played once. Even with that said I always had this idea in my mind that I may not have the time now but as I get older and eventually retire many many years from now that I would be able to finally get around to playing everything that I had purchased over the years.

But now as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to a point in my life were I dont feel the same way anymore and I’m come to realize that I don’t have the time and will most likely never have as much time as I did when I was a kid. Simply because as I’ve gotten older ive acquired new interest which take up time and money as well as just life itself.

In the end I will always  be an avid gamer but now im at the point were I don’t need many games in my collection I just need the games that I will truly enjoy regardless of how many times I play them like Resident Evil 4, Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time,Red Dead Redemption, Pokémon  and so many other great games I’ve bought over the years. While I know its gonna be difficult to part ways I think mostly because I’m parting ways with the ideal that one day I would once again have the time to sit down and play all those games like I used to so many years ago.



About mherrera697

I've been gaming for many years now from the early days of the Nintendo all the way up to now. I was part of a site for a number of years but decided to venture out on my own. I created this site to see how far I could go on my own.

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