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My StreetPass experince

So over the weekend I attended StreetPass San Diego, a place were you meet other 3DS owners and play video games. My girlfriend explained this to me and it peaked my interest because up until now I have never taken advantage of the online capabilities of the system let alone that I don’t know anyone in my inner circle who owns a system for that matter.It was interesting when we finally went because I expected just a small crown and the typical people who you’d expect would be interested in an event such as this but I was completely wrong. I saw a large crowd of nearly 200 people some just relaxing playing with friends and others just roaming around collecting more people to populate there Mii Plaza as well as whole families all with their 3DS just playing and having fun. I took out my 3DS and started to join in on the fun and began populating my Mii Plaza and just searching for people to battle in Pokémon. It was just something unique and different having that many people meet in one place to just spend a few hours out of the day to play games with other people who love and enjoy playing games just as much as they do. It was a fun experience and I now that I know what it’s all about and that they hold this about once every month, you can bet that I’ll be there at the next meet up.

For those interested I’ve included a link in the article and even if you don’t live in San Diego I’m sure there are other meet ups in other parts of the country so search around and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have one in your city or town.


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I've been gaming for many years now from the early days of the Nintendo all the way up to now. I was part of a site for a number of years but decided to venture out on my own. I created this site to see how far I could go on my own.

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