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Amiibo’s ready for pre-order, worth it??


When Amiibos were announced earlier this year at E3, people saw through the obvious attempt at a small bit of that sweet Skylanders money. This might be a great plan for nintendo, the figurines have a pretty good functionality adding a more customizable aspect to the already savagely competitive Smash Bros end game. You will be able to level up the character for the corresponding figurine to level 50 , and carry your character to a friends Wii-u. Also with the announcement of the “New 3ds” and it compatibility with Amiibos, it seems like this will be Nintendo’s way of getting the handheld and console players to have a cohesive gaming experience. Amiibo will allow (It would seem) for you to build up your character on Wii-u and move it over to 3DS on the fly. Additionally this will unlock levels and power ups with other Wii-U titles like Mario Kart and Hyrule Warriors. Beside its intended function, aesthetically these figures are very detailed and very beautiful and I can totally see myself buying figures for characters I would never use in the game. I would buy a few more if it wasn’t for the $13 price point. Amiibos for Princess Peach,Fox,Kirby, Donkey Kong, LInk, Mario, Samus, Marth, Pikachu, Pikachu, Villager and Wii-Fit trainer are all available for pre-order. They will hit stores 12/31/2014.



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