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Super Mario 3D Land, late review

Title: Super Mario 3D Land
Developer:  Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Consoles Available: Wii U
Number of Players: Single
ESRB Rating: E
Rating: 5 out of 5


Mario’s latest 3D foree into the handheld market has (unsurprisingly) been a very good one, Super Mario 3D land was the first must have game for the 3DS, naturally it was my first experience on the console. The Super Mario series has hit a sweet spot where the games have become both very familiar and truly innovative. The beauty of the main series games is that the plumber controls tight and responsive making the controls feel like a well-worn sweater that you can slip into anytime and be comfortable with, this allows the level designer to throw new game elements that can test your platforming prowess that we’ve been honing since the mid 80’s. Each game element is introduced at first in a tamer situation and escalates to a full tilt boogie later in the Special levels, introducing elements like this gives you a sense of accomplishment that feels well-earned ,each successful jump and annoying fail is completely your fault.

3D land although very long took me 2 weeks to complete. It was easy to pick up and play in short spurts as well as putting in hours at a time. The game looks beautiful using the limitations of the 3DS very wisely. The 3D works well , vertical levels look like they are falling away from you as well as hazards coming directly out at you from the screen. Although this looks really cool for me it only worked in small doses but this might be my own personal preference since I am still getting used to the 3D feature.

My favorite levels were the time challenge stages in which you have to collect time while running through the level as fast as possible while avoiding hazards. The awesome gameplay, replay value and game length make this a must own for any 3DS owner.  I give it 5 out of 5



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