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Gunman Clive, More Bang… Review


Title: Gunman Clive

Developer: Horberg Productions

Publisher: Horberg Productions

Consoles Available: 3DS, Steam, Android

Rating: 4 out of 5

In the year 18XX banditos kidnap your girl….or the Mayor’s daughter, the story isn’t really important in this retro-inspired action platformer. Gunman Clive borrows from some of the best titles of our childhoods, level designs from Donkey Kong Country and space ship shooters(you read that right), story progression from Double Dragon and many other tropes from classic video games. But mainly Gunman Clive borrows extensively from Mega Man, specifically the NES titles, things like vanishing blocks, tweaking of gravity and jump physics and the way that you control Clive. The controls are very responsive and tight, jumps are precise and well balanced in comparison to the enemies.

In a market that is over saturated with retro style indie games, the way Gunman Clive sets itself apart from the ever-growing pack is with its price point. For $2 you can have 18 varied levels, 3 difficulty setting, 2 playable characters that actually control different and Duck Mode, which makes you traverse each level of the game as duck.  This coupled with a addictive action/platforming gameplay will give you hours and hours of fun. For this reason and over all nostalgia factor I recommend Gunman Clive to anyone that owns a 3DS .



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