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Threat forces Anita Sarkeesian to cancel university talk


Anita Sarkeesian creator of the Tropes Vs Women video series was scheduled to appear at Utah State University yesterday October 14, 2014 but had to cancel due to a threat of a mass shooting. Anita is no stranger to threats of this kind, during this year Game Developers Conference a bomb threat was sent out to organizers of the GDC who were going to give an award to Anita as well as personal threats that forced her to leave her home.

For those who are not familiar with Anita Sarkeesian she first struck a chord with people when she released her videos from her video series Tropes VS Women where she goes through many examples of women an their portrayal in video games. Due to this she has received a lot of negative feedback which often leads to simply bashing and insulting Anita as a person but as a women. Its one thing to criticize her videos with valid points which open up the avenue for a discussion and another to insult her or even go as far as threaten her or anyone for that matter. While its unfortunate that she was unable to attend the college and give her talk as planned its even sadder that there are people in this world who will go as far as threaten a person or persons simply because they don’t agree with their views.


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