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Donkey Kong Country Return 3D Review

Title: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Developer: Monster Games Inc
Publisher: Nintendo
Consoles Available: Nintendo 3DS
Number of Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E
Rating: 4 out of 5



The Donkey Kong series has always been one of my favorite classic series from its memorable levels and awesome music scores, everything just meshed perfectly to bring us one of the best platformer of the NES generation. Donkey Kong Country Return brings the nostalgic and classic feel of the NES games but also implements new features to bring it into the modern age for a great experience that is worth every penny.

Upon starting a new game you have the option of choosing between the original Wii version or the 3DS version of the game that adds extra hearts and a few helpful items that can make the game easier to complete while still keeping the game challenging and fun.

As with many platformer the game does have a story but it’s not the main focus, the main attraction and what makes this game so great is the levels which are both challenging and fun. As you begin the game you only have one world to choose from but as you complete the levels in each world new worlds open up each with its own set of challenges. While I had a lot of fun playing the mine kart stages all worlds and stages are memorable in their own way. And for those more difficult levels you can visit old Kranky Kong who will aid you on your quest for a small fee of course.

While simply completing a level and moving on to the next might be fun the game adds some replay value by having you collect the letters that spell out KONG that are scattered  throughout each level. You also have puzzle pieces that you collect in each stage with upon completion you unlock items that you can view at your leisure. Once you are done with all eight worlds and have collected everything that there is to collect you are treated to an extra world for all your hard work.

The controls for the game were solid and reminiscent of the old NES games. The visuals are stunning even on the 3DS version of the game and the 3D works great due to the stunning visuals the game has to offer.The one thing I have to mention is that because this was ported from the Wii to the 3DS the screen resolution suffers a bit and this is most notable in the 3DS. But even with that said it is still a fun and enjoyable game.

While this might only be a port it’s still a great game to have on the 3DS. The game does suffer a little due to screen size but overall this is easily overlooked. the game has solid controls and great visuals that pop out and stand out with the 3D feature. Overall one of the best games you can play on the 3DS.


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