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99Gamers, building a gaming community through trade

More often than not, gamer are often the victims(no, that is not hyperbole) of the Game Stop effect. Forced to buy games at MSRP and when trading back in for store credit have to settle for mere fractions of what they initially spent,  but why??? Games are spent up? The game play has not changed in a negative way, if anything, first day patches and the like will improve the game.By cornering the gaming market Game Stop is  forcing gamers to keep games on their shelves and gathering dust instead of taking part in a relationship that can only be described as retail Stockholm syndrome, ‘they aren’t so bad’ i hear you say ‘they give us store credit for games we don’t want’…two things

1. you are reading an article…this isnt a two-way conversation so i can’t hear you

2. sit back down you crazy person talking to your computer monitor because I’m about to fuck you up with some knowledge

Like most things we turn to the internet to answers. 99Gamers.com is a trading community that is willing to take all that old stuff of your shelves…and i do mean old. The way 99Gamers works is through bartering, you put up old games that you don’t want, you price them according to what you believe to be a fair price and see if they sell. Bartering  maybe had and when you come to a deal you mail off your game first class with tracking(which you pay for yourself) and you are not awarded your coin till the buyer confirms that the game has arrives. Each trade is thoroughly documented and posted on the users profile so that everyone can see, so you know the transaction history of the people that you are dealing with. No money is exchanged between users, instead you use website coin that is earned by making trades, also you are able to buy coin with real money. This is an excellent way for people to trade games they can’t see themselves playing anymore for games they have been putting off buying. Another thing that 99Gamers does better than retailers is the inclusion of retro games, all the way from the NES glory days.

I myself have made a few transactions on 99Gamers and i was very pleased by both the games and the interaction ive had with the people i traded with. For the price of shipping (usually less than $5) it is well worth the hours fun I had with out breaking the piggy bank ,all the while clearing some space off of the shelf.


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