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Beyond Good & Evil Review

Title: Beyond Good And Evil
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Consoles Available: PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3
Number of Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Teen
Rating: 4 out of 5


Beyond Good & Evil was a pleasant surprise with a well thought out plot and good character to go along with it make this game and enjoyable classic. The story seems short but only in time alone while It may have taken me 12 hours to beat it seemed longer than that. The game will surprise in many ways, not to mention make you wonder why there is no sequel.

The games premise is pretty simple you play the role of Jade accompanied by Pey’j her surrogate father figure who’s taken care of her at the wishes of her parents are recruited by the Isis Network and organization out to find the truth behind all the wide-spread disappearances that have happened in Hilly at the hands of the DomZ.

Along with working with the Iris Network you are also recruited by the Science Museum to help catalog all the animals that inhabit the land. The game does an excellent job including this as a side mission but making it worth taking the time to complete. As you catalog new creatures for the museum, they will pay you handsomely for your hard work and if you fill up a film roll you are awarded a pearl that you can use as currency to buy new upgrades for your hovercraft at Mammago. Your hovercraft is the main source of transportation to getting around Hilly and is also the key to unlocking new locations by purchasing upgrades at Mammago with the pearls that you have acquired. The main story progresses as you’re sent to different locations by the Iris Network to investigate and uncover the truth. I found the story to be intriguing I do wish the enemies were a bit more menacing or at the very least have more of a presence in the game and not at the end. I enjoyed the ending of the game although since this was meant to be a trilogy the ending leaves it open the story does seem to suffer a bit as you feel like you’ve only just begun this journey only to realize that this is as far as you can go which is a real bummer because this could have been a great trilogy.

Equipped with her trusty camera you will delve deep and visit different locations and peel of a new layer of the mystery and get closer to the truth. As the story progresses Pey’j eventually gets captured and taken prisoner and you are left to not only search for Pey’j but also continue to find the truth. Luckily you are not alone for long, Double H picks up where Pey’j left of and will now help you on your journey. Both Pey’j along with Double H play the role of a guide often informing you where to go next and providing helpful tips on proceeding to the next area. This is very reminiscent of games like Legend Of Zelda were you have Navi is always by your side guiding and helping you out. Besides guiding you both Pey’j and Double H do offer a fair amount of support when it comes to combat although you’re still the primary person commanding them to help out in times of need.

Since she is a reporter going into treacherous territory along with her friend Pey’j and later on Double H she is also equipped with a staff. For the most part its best to sneak around and be as cautious as possible but every so often you will find yourself in trouble and having to defend yourself. I really enjoyed how the game had a good balance of stealth and combat making the game fun. the enemies you face are a mixture of some of the local animals but for the most part it’s the Alpha Section the military force in Hilly. I liked the combat system is very simple, you basically have your attack button and evade button. While I wish she had a block button having the evade button works just as good. As you take down enemies or break boxes they will reveal black gems that you can use as currency at shops around the city and at shops scattered in the various areas that you visit. For the most part many of the shops that you come upon will carry healing items but from time to time they will carry PA-1 and Meca-Impulser that will increase your own hearts by one as well as your hovercraft allowing you to take more damage.

I always heard about this game but never got a chance to play it when it came out now that I have I wish i could have played it sooner. The story will keep you intrigued and wanting more but it will also potentially change the way you view the things around you. I liked Jade as the protagonist and the cast of characters that were around her, I just wish the enemies stood out a bit more. At first glance Beyond Good & Evil may doesn’t seem like anything special but after you complete the game you realize the scope and impact of the game. Beyond Good & Evil is a 12 to 15 hour experience that will have you wanting more.

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