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Pokemon X\Y Review

Title: Pokémon X \ Y
Developer: Gamefreaks
Publisher: Nintendo
Consoles Available: 3DS
Number of Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Rating: 5 out of 5


Pokémon throughout the years has always tried to stay fresh and new and while there have been a few misses along the way Pokémon X\Y is not one of them. This new game in the series brings back the old and very familiar concepts that we’ve come to expect from the series but also adding some new and fresh things that give the franchise something fresh and exciting for both new and old fans.

The story, like in any other Pokémon game follows the same formula. You are ready to venture out into the world on your own catching, raising Pokémon and defeating Gym Leaders to obtaining their badges to get into the Pokémon League and battle the Elite Four and become a Pokémon Master. When you first begin you will pick between 3 Pokémon and as you venture on you will meet and capture different Pokémon based on the area you’re in. As you battle your Pokémon may become weak and injured and you will have to take them to a nearby town were you can heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center. The Pokémon Center aside from healing your Pokémon you can also buy different items like Pokeballs to capture more Pokémon, healing items and Technical Machines as well as switch out your Pokémon Every town has one but you can also go exploring other buildings as sometimes they can give helpful tips and information that might be useful to know as you explore the region.

You also have your rival that will help you along the way but is also there to challenge you along the way. But just like in any Pokémon game you soon realize that not everything is lovely and sweet when it comes to people and Pokémon. As you progress through the game you meet Team Flare an organization that plans to use Pokémon for their own selfish goals which you will uncover slowly as you face them at various key points in the game. Team Flare was very reminiscent to Team Rocket from the first games because both leaders had strong convictions and determined to do what they feel is right. Along with the main story the game also has another little side story that ties in to the main story and adds a bit of mystery but also makes for one sad ending so just be ready for that. While Pokémon has always had sad undertones in its game, the side story was pretty sad even when compared to other sad moments in Pokémon games and took me by surprise.

For many the story of Pokémon ends once you’re crowned the Pokémon master but for others it is simply the start of a much deeper game that involves capturing training breeding and trading the more than 700 hundred Pokémon with other people. While the story was one of the more interesting ones out of any Pokémon game the Pokémon themselves are the stars of this game. There just something cool and exciting about watching a Pokémon you raised and trained battling another strong opponent.

Pokémon games have always received their fair share of tweaks after every iteration and this is no exception. Along with the new 3D aspect of the game we also get a new Pokémon type fairy’s which means new classification for certain Pokémon. While this might seem like a simple and minor it changes the way you choose your Pokémon team. We also get Mega evolutions which unlike normal methods of evolving, Mega Evolutions only happen during battle and only last until the battle is over. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of Pokémon only a few are able to do this kind of evolution and those that can must hold a particular item during battle not to mention only one member of your party is able to evolve during each battle. I really enjoyed this method of evolution because it makes for some interesting battles especially when you battle against other people.

The battle system consist of sending out a Pokémon to do battle against another Pokémon by taking turns until you or the opposing Pokémon has fainted. The one new battle that they did add was the Fly Battle that only occur when you meet certain NPC throughout the game and will ask you if you want to battle in the sky with your flying Pokémon. I thought the Sky Battles was a neat combat system, I just wish there were more Sky battles offered throughout the game. Every Pokémon has his or her own move set that they learn based on the type of Pokémon they are but you can also teach them certain moves if you have the proper technical machine. This special machines are a one time kind of deal except for a rare few that you can buy at various shops across the region. Along with the moves they learn, Pokémon also increase their stats that help decide how fast, strong and how much damage they can take. Just like in every generation of the series not all Pokémon are available in each version of the game. In order to capture all the Pokémon available you will either have a friend that owns the other version of the game or simply buy both copies of the game. Being able to trade and battle with your friends has always been a part of Pokemon and one of the best aspect about the game but being able to do that on a global scale is simply amazing.

Pokémon X\Y revitalizes a series that up to now has remained unchanged but still keeps that core value that makes Pokémon a must have game. The addition of the new Pokémon and Fairy type simply adds to the already extensive roster of available Pokémon. By far my favorite thing about the game is undoubtedly the Mega Evolutions they are just awesome to witness and can make for exciting battles. Being able to battle and trade with people around the world makes the game have a high replay value. In the end Pokémon X\Y is an experience that is both new yet familiar with an enjoyable story that might surprise you at the end and did I mention it has tons of Pokemon.


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