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Grand Theft Auto 5 review

Title: Grand Theft Auto V
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Consoles Available: PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Pc
Number of Players: Single, Multiplayer
ESRB Rating: M
Rating: 5 out of 5


GTA V came at a time when the PS3 and Xbox 360 were slowly being faced away for the shiny new consoles but GTA V showed us that those generations of consoles were more than capable of delivering a great experience as we return to Los Santos.

GTA 5 takes place in the streets of sunny Los Santos a place that resembles some iconic West Coast landmarks like Venice Beach, the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles and many other places that I’m sure will look very familiar. While at first glance its easy to dismiss the scale of the game its only until you begin to explore the game that you truly appreciate what you are playing and how massive it truly is.

When you first begin the game, you take the role of Michael a retired ex criminal but due to unfortunate circumstances has been thrown back into that life once again. As you advance in the game you meet Franklin a young Individual who wants to move up to the big leagues and Michael begins to mentor him. Once you meet Franklin you have the ability to switch between the two characters when you’re not engaged in a mission. As if two main characters wasn’t enough you also have Trevor an old friend of Michael who seem to have some issues about their rekindled friendship and something comes into play as the story progresses. Trevor is by far one of the most interesting characters in the game and the series as a whole, he is one of the most unstable yet sane person that you’ll have the pleasure of playing as. Having three playable characters is unheard of in a series like GTA but Rockstar did a phenomenal job dividing the play time between all three characters and giving you the freedom to switch between them at was pure genius.

Since you have three protagonist, each character has his unique missions that they fly solo in such as many of Michael’s missions will be family oriented per-say from defending his daughter from a Ryan Seacrest looking character or saving his son from drug dealers among other things. Trevor missions are a bit more intense as they often need you to kill or defend against those who are trying to kill you. Finally Franklin’s missions seem to be connected to his friends from the hood at times asking him for help. While every character has their unique missions they also have joint missions better known as heist. Heist requires a bit more hands on, since the game allows you to dictate how you will approach a heist mission from the crew, the entry and getaway. It was a really neat concept and I hope they bring it back for the next iteration of GTA. The game does a good job of diving up the missions between the 3 characters and giving them missions that represent who they are as criminals.

Now lets talk about the game-play, since you will be doing a lot of driving and the occasional flying around Los Santos lets talk about the vehicles in the game. Just like in previous games certain vehicles will be found in certain areas. Also unlike GTA 4 vehicles which were atrocious to drive, GTA 5 vehicles seem more like cars. Also something that was brought over from the San Andreas game is the ability to customize your vehicles. Lets move on to the weapons which are a ton. Up to now selecting weapons has been one of the worst parts of the game but looks like that is not the case anymore as now you can cycle through all your weapons at once. You can bring up the weapon wheel that will display all the weapons you have and on top of that unlike before were you could only carry one type of weapon you can now carry all of them. This makes it easy to select the weapons you want quickly and efficiently. Not only that you can now buy different upgrades for you weapons from the ammunition shops around the city.

All three characters are unique and offer something different to the game and the dialogue from Trevor who offers his own rendition of the truth is fresh and interesting to listen too. They all have an adequate amount of missions both small and lucrative in nature. With 3 protagonist there are many missions that you will have to undertake that fit each characters personality and you will see how their relationships evolve through the course of the game ultimately concluding in many ways. Lots of weapons and vehicles to choose from not to mention the ability to customize both your weapons and cars is a nice touch. Overall Rockstar delivered one hell of a game.


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