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Tim Schafer and the not so funny joke

As i was scouring through my YouTube channel subscriptions I came across a video by Alpha Omega Sin talking about Tim Schafer a person known as a talented person in the gaming community. It seems that he was at GDC event a few days ago and he made a very inappropriate joke using a sock puppet. The joke in question is this

Sock: How many gamergaters does it take to make a single piece of armor?

Schafer: Oh, god, I don’t know.

Sock: Fifty. One to do the modeling, one to do the materials, and forty-eight to tweet that it’s not your shield.

It took me a bit to truly understand the joke simply because I was unclear of the significance of the sock puppet which in internet terms means a false identity and the piece of armor is a reference to Adam Baldwin who coined the term #NotYourShield. He’s pretty much mocking and making fun of minorities and women. Once I realized what the joke meant it kinda saddened me a bit that a prominent person in the game industry would decide to make a joke like that let alone on a stage like GDC. I think what shocked me a bit more is that I was unable to find any mention of this on sites like IGN, Gameinformer or Kotaku instead lesser known gaming and non gaming sites were reporting on this. In any case Tim Schafer decided to make a joke about a sensitive topic in the gaming community and while I understand that jokes often poke fun of people and or groups this was in poor taste.

Do you think it was a harmless joke or do you find offence to it and will you look at Tim Schafer in a new way ?


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One comment on “Tim Schafer and the not so funny joke

  1. I remember when I heard about this. I was just about to go to my bed and close my eyes shut. But then I decided to refresh the YouTube homepage and see this video in my recommended section. I saw it and I just jumped and did what almost sounds like a drunken rant on YouTube. I honestly found the joke to be hilarious, but not because of what said. But rather thanks to how out-of-place and unneeded it was.

    I’m a Latino which I do believe fits on the #NotYourShield thing going on. I didn’t find it offensive in the slightest. I thought it was rather cute to see someone forget that people of different races and genders than white and male (like that even matters) disagree with him. Honestly, I love Mr.Schafer’s Schafings he likes to call games. I’ve wasted tons of hours on them and it is sad to see him go in this downward spiral to irrelevancy.

    But I’m still going to keep buying his games as long he never decides to put one of his bizarre ideas of social correctness into his games. Which honestly, I don’t think is that far away. Making the prediction that Broken Age Part Deux might have something.

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