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Nintendo and DeNA to join forces on mobile market

Nintendo has just announced that they will finally bring all their cash printing IP into the mobile fold. Big N is teaming up with Japanese mobile giant DeNA to bring you ports and brand new Nintendo to all of your smart devices. Nintendo will be developing games that will reflect their current catalog, ie mobile versions of their 3DS and Wii-U games, but they will of course have some limitations that will make it fit better into its mobile platform. In addition to these ports Nintendo will also put out games using their beloved licenses like Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Mario that are brand new and specifically designed for the mobile market.

This late dark horse entry into the mobile race will prove to be a formidable one, it seems that Nintendo is not late to join the party but on the contrary, has been working out bugs, polishing and tweaking ensuring that Nintendo finish that has carried the company for 125+ years. Nintendo is very protective of its licences and have finally deemed it time for them the ever-growing mobile market, they feel confident in delivering a product that will not hurt the stock of Metroid or Pikmin. Nintendo has announced a Nintendo headed division that will merge some of the best of both companies to develop games, but it is to be noted that Nintendo will be in charge of most aspects, I suspect that DeNA will be mostly integral to the marketing and how the games will be sold, basically how to navigate the market and whether the game will be freemium or a one time premium fee or…dare i say…free to play? No big names have been announced for the developing team but Nintendo has gone on record saying that Mr. Miyamoto is mainly focusing on WiiU titles coming out later this year as of now.

Nintendo has had a sort of trial with its last release of Pokemon Shuffle and apparently they have done well for themselves. Also I am curious to see how their new customer loyalty program will incorporate their new mobile gaming endeavor. now here is a future photograph of Mr Iwata, Nintendo CEO



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