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Kojima-sama leaves Konami

These last couple of weeks the twitter verse has been lit up with the news of video game industry giant Hideo Kojima leaving the house that he helped build that is Konami. With games like Zone of the Enders, the Snatcher series and most importantly the Metal Gear Solid series, he brought his own weird take on each game. While the game play was always superb these games they are most notable for their off the wall, psychedelic and at times very meta story telling methods.

Having said that, it is a shame to hear of his departure of Konami and seemingly the Metal Gear series. Kojima’s influence is what made the MSG games most notable among the sea of stealth games and in this bloggers opinion without Kojima at the helm, the new Metal Gears will feel a lot like imitation games as apposed to true sequels .

The reasons for his departure are not yet known, but more likely than not it is due to changes that Konami wants to make to his games and Kojima-san was having none of it.

As of now Hideo Kojima is still under contract to finish Metal Gear Solid V the Phantom Pain and no other games as of now. I’m hoping Kojima-san finishes Silent Hills with Guillermo Del toro.



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