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Destroy All humans Review

Title: Destroy All Humans
Developer: Pandemic Studios
Publisher: THQ
Consoles Available: PS2, Xbox
Number of Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Teen
Rating: 3 out of 5


Destroy All Humans is one of those games that is just fun to play. While many games want to challenge you and give you multiple task to complete Destroy All Humans simply wants you to have fun and it does it perfectly.

The premise of the game is very simple you are an alien race known as the Furon who have come to earth to harvest human DNA to clone your own kind. As you begin the game you will see a short cut-scene of an alien spacecraft hoovering over a military installation that is testing a rocket of some kind and shortly afterwards you see a bright light engulf the sky and then we pan over to see the spacecraft has crash landed in the desert along with its pilot. Shortly after we find out that this was just a recon mission by Pox the leader of the Furon’s who sent you to retrieve DNA samples, now you must continue were he left of.

Aside from collecting DNA samples to continue cloning the Furon alien race you will be given missions that you’ll have to complete such as destroying and crippling military forces, abducting people or simply infiltrating their ranks. Besides the main missions that you undertake, every area has a set of side missions that you can complete that will net you some brain stems that you can use to upgrade your weapons and ship. You have a handful of weapons at your disposal from the zap-o-matic that zaps unsuspecting humans with electricity you also have the anal probe that as you might have guessed it goes up the victims behind and extracts their lovely brain. He also has his disintegration ray as well as the ability to camouflage himself into a human to blend in which becomes a useful ability when you want to evade the authorities or simply. Besides Crypto’s ability to camouflage himself he also has kinetic powers at his disposal that help him move objects. While the game doesn’t have a ton of weapons it is enough to keep you amused. Along with Crypto’s weapons his spaceship also has weapons that can devastate any city with its death ray, sonic boom and a few others. Every ability and weapon can be upgraded by collecting enough DNA samples that you collect by completing the side missions in each map or simply extracting them from the humans.

Much like grand theft auto parodies and often makes fun of life of the time it’s portraying so to does Destroy All Humans but in a more humorous way by not taking itself so serious. The end result is some hilarious dialogue between Crypto and Pox but also simply reading peoples thoughts.

The game has a number of locations that resemble a small part of the US from sunny Santa Monica to the farmlands of the Midwest and the capital city that resembles Washington DC. Much like many games that tried to imitate the GTA formula of an open world game so did Destroy All Humans, after every mission you have the option of returning to the mother ship to receive more missions from Pox to continue the story of you may choose to roam around the area causing chaos collecting DNA samples from unsuspecting humans and doing the side missions. Much like GTA wanted level system the game something very similar to that. the more people become aware of your existence the higher the alert level will increasing the presence of the police force to the military and finally the majestic who are like the Men In Black.

Overall Destroy all humans has a funny an entertaining story. The game-play is simple and easy for anyone to pick up right away. While i enjoyed the game i kinda wish it lasted a bit longer but even with that said I still had fun with it. Kinda wish you had more weapons at your disposal but the ones that you do have are great.  While it may not be innovative or the story wont last with you for months or years after you beat it you will remember that it was a fun and enjoyable game that entertained you.


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