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Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Review

Title: Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic
Developer: Bioware
Publisher: Lucas Arts
Consoles Available: Xbox,PC
Number of Players: 1
ESRB Rating: Teen
Rating: 4 out of 5


I’ve never been a big fan of the Star Wars movies so of course I’ve never really sought out to play, less of course buy a Star Wars games besides pod racer and Lego game. But Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic just so happen to fall on my laps thanks to a friend who gave it to me as a gift. After months of putting it of I finally sat down to play it and after playing it I have to say I had a good experience with it.

The story takes place 4000 years before the galactic empire rise to power. Dark Malak has waged war on the republic alliance and is bent on taking control of the galaxy. You play the role of a young Jedi who awakens to the attack of Malak and forced to watch as her teacher tries valiantly to fight of Malak and give you a way to escape before it’s too late. when you come to, you realize that you have crash landed on a planet and accompanied by Carth one of the few survivors that will help you find the Jedi teacher as well as help you on your journey.

When you first begin the game you can create your own character. I always enjoy creating my own characters but often games limit you on this which is the case here. Besides a very limited customization in appearance, the skills that you can assign to your character seem better suited in a D & D game and seem overly complicated.  Since this is a Star Wars game the light and dark side are a very intricate part of the mythos and the game does offer you as the player choices that can decide which side you favor. Unfortunately they don’t seem to play any kind of role when you reach the end instead its just something extra that adds nothing to the overall experience of the game which is sad when you consider what you are playing. Aside from Carth who is automatically assigned to you as a companion as you explore different worlds you will come across different people that will join you on your journey. You have robots, aliens, humans and wookies Each of them has something different to offer during combat from the skills and weapons that they wield. I think what I loved most about this is that unlike many other games that  give you clone companions you have a variety to choose from and. Also most of the characters except for 1 or 2 have a well thought out back story that continues long after you acquire them through conversations you have.

While the story is good and kept me entertained, its only after maybe the third act that the game starts getting more interesting when things are revealed about the young Jedi that might take you by surprise. Something I noticed is that once you advance in the story more worlds begin to open up and you can choose your own path. While you end up at the same place at the end, it’s always nice to decide how you get there. One thing I will say about the game is that the game relies heavily on the interactions so if you’re expecting with a lot of  action then you’ve chosen the wrong game. The action it does have it spreads it out throughout evenly and it is a good combat system.

Bioware does an excellent job of blending both RPG and action adventure elements well. While a large part of the game revolves through dialogue with characters, the game does have a unique approach to combat. Like many RPG games you will roam around the different world and as you approach the different enemies you will enter combat mode were you and 2 other members that you have chosen to explore the area will engage the enemy. Since you only control 1 character at a time you can switch between characters during combat. Generally I always hate when games stick you with a team because often the AI is terrible but that is not the case here as the AI does more than enough to pull its own weight.

Combat is pretty basic, you simply choose what you want to do with the character whether it be attack with a normal, special attack or simply use an item. This might sound simple enough but when you have two other party members this can become a daunting task especially during tough boss battles. The good thing is that you can pause the game and give your characters commands to follow but this also takes away from the immersiveness of the game.Besides that I thought the combat was satisfying but I often found myself fumbling through the different commands you can choose..

Overall it was a cool experience and while not much to do after the game, it was a fun experience. The game starts of a bit slow during the first half but picks up mid-point and remains that way until the end. The combat is great although it does try to do a bit too much at times. I enjoyed the variety of companions that join you not to mention the unique stories that each one of them had. Aside from the main story the game does offer a good amount of side missions for you to do. Overall it was a great experience but sadly not much to do after you beat the game other than play the game once again.


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