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Betheda knows how to put on an event

Oh man so much excitement after watching the Bethesda conference. From the new Doom and its multiplayer creator which for me, was more exciting than the game itself. We also got a new game called Battlecry and expect Dishonored 2. But Bethesda saved the best for last, finishing of the showcase with Fallout 4 a game that was only recently confirmed. The game looks amazing but even more amazing is the new feature in the game. Just like Doom that will let you create your own multiplayer maps, in Fallout 4 you will be able to create your own settlements in certain areas of the game that will eventually be populated, essentially creating your own little community. They also announced a  smart phone game based on the Fallout series which will be available today. We also got a release date for Fallout 4, 11-10-15. They also kept the Fallout announcements rolling with a wearable Pip Boy for the collectors edition of the game that lets you attach your smart phone to use with an app being developed for a two screen experience. Bethesda showcase was exciting to watch and cant wait to hear and see what other announcements come out of Fallout 4. For those who happened to miss the entire event I have included a link down below.


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