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Konami goes from bad to worst

Over the past weeks we’ve all seen how Konami has dealt with the departure of  Hideo Kojima which at times has been childish. Now it seems that Konami in hot waters again not because of Kojima but on how they treat the people in the company. Kotaku reported that in a recent article by Nikkei since the recent shift into mobile games, things at Konami have gone down hill when it comes to the treatment of its employees.

One example of this treatment is that the studio behind the next Metal Gear game is not connected to the internet which seems highly unnecessary although I can understand possibly why they would want to do that. Perhaps to keep things from leaking out to the public but to call out someone over the PA system because they were a minute late returning to work or finding new mindless jobs within the company for people the company deemed have outgrown their usefulness. They would also change everyone email address every few months to stop other companies from recruiting people within the company and a few other things that just seem wrong on so many levels.

Konami built a great brand with some great titles and franchises over the years which are loved by many but now the brand has been tainted and likely ruined. This hurts them on many levels because now the fan base that they had built for so many years might be turned away by this and will no longer buy their games which will affect sales, those looking for work will go somewhere else due to the conditions at the company, and those working at the company might decide to finally leave now that everything is out in the open. Or Konami could turn it around and treat their employees with respect. So what do you think about the situation, do you think you can support a company like this or better yet do you think its time for Konami to disband and sell of its assets ?


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