EA at Gamescom 2015

Gamescom kicked of this week and so many companies are out in full force including EA which had a press conference showing off some new game footage of the games we will be playing next year.

First up was Need For Speed with its live actors who bring the story alive and help you become more immersed in the experience. We also saw new footage of Mirrors Edge Catalyst which looked impressive but I still find it weird that it’s a first person game and not third but regardless, the game looks cool non the less. EA also showed more of Star Wars The Old Republic: Knights of The Fallen Empire and a new expansion for Sims 4. Along side those games we got new details for Garden Warfare 2 including 3 classes for the Garden side as well as games modes like Solo, CO-Op and a hub were you can take on quest and side missions as well as meet up with your friends for missions. EA also showed of a game that got a lot of attention during their E3 press conference, that game is Unravel the game about a creature made of yarn who is searching a way back home. One of the most anticipated games was also present the game I’m talking about is Star Wars Battlefront. EA showed some impressive battle squadron mode were you will fight with some iconic ships like the X-Wing and Tie Fighters. The mode looks exciting and promising and I’m sure fans of Star Wars will enjoy. While FIFA appeared during the Microsoft press conference we got a more in-depth look at it including the Fut Draft were you get to make the greatest team using some of the best players in the world. FIFA 16 will also be getting new modes, pre season tournaments and player training to hone the skills or your players. Overall EA showed a lot of cool and interesting games to get people excited, personally I cant wait to hear more about Unravel.


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2 comments on “EA at Gamescom 2015

  1. I remember not being overly impressed with the original Mirrors Edge when it was released, yet find myself strangely attracted to this one.

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