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Harassment in gaming still happening

I read a recent article I read in the USA Today, their was an article discussing the harassment that’s still prevalent in the gaming industry generally towards women. Even as the industry has become more diverse with video games being more attainable through phone and tablets and women being in the industry itself as well as seeing more strong female characters in the media, they still get harassed more and often to the point of personal threats. The article also discussed how women who are part of the industry often feel like they have to dress down to fit in more with their peers in large part because they don’t want to appear different. I think anyone can relate to that because whether we like to admit it or not as kids and as adults we tend to shun and often alienate those who appear different and whats worst, we often let them know which reestablishes the negative connotations of being different. While there have been steps to try and prevent things like this from happenening it is very hard to police something so vast as the internet has become.

While things like this have come to light and change is slowly happening It’s still not surprising to hear things like this still happen simply because its easy to pick up the mike or keyboard and say obscene and hurtful things to someone that you cant see face to face and while there have been changes it often takes time before some noticeable changes can be seen. Not to mention there will always be people who don’t care to change and will continue to use the same behavior. While there are steps in place to try and prevent this type of behavior such as banning someone or revoking someones privileged to go on forums and or use services like Xbox Live, or PlayStation Network which are good starts but until there are actual consequences that truly deter people from doing this, this will continue to go on. while I get that we all have a competitive nature, their is a difference between that and simply attacking someone and until we truly comprehend that things like this will continue to be part of the community.


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