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Final Fantasy 7 will be episodic

I was excited when Square dropped that bombshell of an announcement about a remake of Final Fantasy 7 on the PS4. But with remakes sometimes games go through changes both in a good and bad way and looks like FF 7 is no exception. In a recent interview with  Yoshinori Kitase said that due to the large scope of the game that it would be best to release the game in episodes. Personally as massive as FF7 was on the PS1 I cant see how even by today’s standards a game like FF7 could fill up an entire Blu Ray disc. According to Square this is to ensure that they provide the game to the consumers quickly rather than having them wait for the entire game, personally I don’t see if its as massive as they say it is why not split it up into 2 disc. I also don’t like the idea of being episodic but if this is a way of putting out the content faster rather than waiting a year or longer for a finished product than I’m all for it. I can also see them putting out different episodes at once, one episode can be the main story and if you so choose to you can purchase side stories and subplots that aren’t key components of the main game but enrich the overall game experience. While I’m hopeful that Square knows what its doing I still cant see how an RPG would fare being split up not to mention with no mention of pricing or how many episodes this will be, this could be one pricey remake.

So what do you think of the game being spit up and released as an episodic game ?


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