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Arcade Mode might appear in Street Fighter V in the future

In recent years its become common practice for companies to release a game with bugs and sometimes missing modes and features only to be released weeks later via patches or DLC. The latest company to do this is Capcom with the latest release of Street Fighter 5. It seems that they decided that it was better to release the game without including one of the most essential modes to any fighting game and that is the inclusion of Arcade Mode. A spokesperson for Capcom did say that they’re looking into adding the mode in the future but this is only a response only after people began to complain to the lack of  content in the game. While I understand that sometimes companies often put out games and release patches and or content later as normal practice but to say that they will look into it tells me that they had no real intention of including it and its only after public outcry that they decided to make it a mode in the game. On the one had I’m glad that Capcom listened to reviews and outcry of fans but on the other hand I cant believe that they would think it was OK to put out a less than complete game but then again it is the world we live in, were its OK to exclude certain features have 1 day patches and be bombarded by micro transactions.


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