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New details have emerged for the new PS4 code-named NEO. The first up is the specs comparing the two consoles which you can see right here.


Secondly the new system will not compete with the older PS4 model meaning that you wont see PS4 NEO exclusives but what you will see is games being developed with two modes one for the original PS4 and the other for the PS4 NEO. Before you start getting angry at Sony for doing this you can relax because the “NEO Mode” as its being called right now is simply an aesthetic improvement that will give players better frame rate and higher resolution, Sony has stated that both modes have to be identical aside from the higher and smoother frame rate, so you wont see different features on the “NEO Mode” which is good because Sony would have had a lot of angry people if it did, myself included. It’s great that Sony is upgrading its console and giving people what they’ve been asking for quite some time, 4K or at the very least 1080p resolution I don’t see myself going out and upgrading to the new console. I simply can’t justify spending $399 which is the rumored price of the system for having slightly prettier pictures on the screen which I’m sure might be the case for many who already own the system but for those that don’t or simply feel the need to get a slightly better system I’m sure this is great news for them.


So for those who already own a PS4 do you see yourself upgrading or will you stick with your current system ?


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