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So long Xbox 360

So after 11 years of and countless great games Microsoft has decided that it will stop production of any and all Xbox 360 consoles and accessories. While it the discontinuation of products is simply inevitable the important thing to note here is that you will still be able to find products at least until supplies run out not to mention the servers and apps will still be supported but for how long who knows.

Hearing the news that the console will be discontinued made me think of all the great memories I’ve had with the console from the great titles I managed to play on it like Halo 3, Call Of Duty MW, Dead Space, Mass Effect and countless other titles not to mention the countless hours I spent watching Netflix on it. The Xbox 360 was also my real true introduction into online gaming and my joy and love for it. Also being able to download great indie games like Bastion and Dust: An Elysian Tail and appreciate these great titles even though they didn’t have big developers to back them up and how can I forget my first Xbox 360 with the infamous red ring of death. Aside from that unfortunate mishap which was fixed in later versions of the console, everything else about it was great from its first and third party support, a great online service and the beginning of indie game support and the ability to download games. I enjoyed my time with the console and while production of it has stopped my enjoyment for the console wont.


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I've been gaming for many years now from the early days of the Nintendo all the way up to now. I was part of a site for a number of years but decided to venture out on my own. I created this site to see how far I could go on my own.

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