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Space battles in new Call Of Duty

Activision dropped a trailer for the next installment in the Call Of Duty series called Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Throughout the series the fighting has been kept to the ground but in this latest installment some of the fighting will be done in space. It’s an interesting direction not one that I’m fully on board yet but who knows maybe I’ll change my mind down the road. It’s an interesting idea of space combat because as much as players like change, too much change might scare some players away from the game and series all together. The one cool thing to note about this announcement is that if you purchase the legacy edition it will include a remastered version of the first Modern Warfare the game that started it all. So who’s in the same mindset as me, where this is a weird new direction or you have no issues with it and will likely purchase this game when it comes out on November 4 of this year ?


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