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Xbox E3 conference wrap up

First of Microsoft started of the E3 celebrations with Gears Of War 4 which will be multi cross-platform with windows 10. Never played any if the Gears game but I have to say the weapons look fun to use. The game will be out October 11th 2016. Keeping with the Gears announcements Microsoft is releasing a Gears controller and General Raam will be joining the Killer Instinct roster. Forza Horizon 3 was announced as well and they showed us all the platforms the game will be available and if you purchase it on the Xbox one you can play it on windows 10 and will be available September 27. Xbox also shows us more of Recore that robot companion game which looks interesting and has potential to be one of those must have games for the system. We also saw a demo for Final Fantasy 15 as they were fighting a giant titan but as cool as it was it looked chaotic and hard to follow the action at times. Battlefield will be available to Xbox owner’s first on October 13 with EA Access and in between the cut scenes we got small tid bits of gameplay which looks impressive. Background music will be introduced into the system and Cortana makes her way to the system. Microsoft also makes it easier to find people with the same interest with Xbox Clubs and being able to find people to play with becomes easier too.  Minecraft was also present as it reinforced this idea of cross platform connectivity. Something cool that Microsoft is you can design your own Xbox controller, all you have to do is go to Xbox design lab.  Gwent the card based game that was available in the Witcher when entering taverns gets its own stand alone game. Tekken 7 was announced and those who have a Xbox gold account can download Tekken Tag 2  for free. Scalebound is an interest game that aims to please those monster hunter lovers who want something familiar yet different. Sea of Thieves has the potential to be an exciting  co op pirate game. More zombies in State of Decay 2 only this time multiplayer is added to the mix. Halo wars 2 is here to expand on the Halo universe on February 21 next year with a week long beta open now through June 20. Overall it seemed like Microsoft seemed to keep it safe with all its game announcements. A few games and announcements stood out and caught my attention but nothing really over the top exciting me.



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