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Lots of cool Games coming from Ubisoft

Ubisoft started of with a musical number featuring a song from Queen from its highly addictive dance series Just Dance 2017.  Aisha Tyler was once again the host and first she started by presenting Ghost Recon Wildlands a game they announced last year but now we got to see a bit more of the story. The story takes place in Bolivia as a Mexican cartel takes control of the region and production of cocaine. The game looks beautiful and massive and a great game for people who enjoy playing with friends to complete objectives. Up next were Trey Parker and Matt Stone as they introduced the sequel to their 2014 breakout hit South Park The Stick of Truth called South Park the Fractured Butt Whole which is a parody of Marvel movies. Ubisoft also showed us a VR game called Eagle Flight that lets you take control of an eagle as you maneuver to complete objectives in a team. While the game looks simplistic it seems to work very well in short secession which is something that will work great as a VR game. They weren’t done with the VR announcements as they announced a Star Trek game that let you take the role of someone on board a starship as boldly go were no one has gone before and work as a team to complete missions. We also saw For Honor a game we saw last year were they showed us as different warriors facing of against one another in a multiplayer map. Now we got to see the single player campaign in action which looks like it has a very unique combat system were you can parry attacks by positioning your weapon correctly. While no new Assassin’s Creed game on the menu Ubisoft managed to show of some new footage for the upcoming movie by the same name. Watch Dogs 2 was also present and looked cool and like it might deliver everything that the original didn’t. Ubisoft finished of with a new IP called Steep which is an adrenaline junkies dream as you take on challenges as you compete to race to the bottom of mountainous terrain. In the end Ubisoft delivered another solid press conference with lot of fun and unique games that will appeal to the diverse community that is the gaming community.


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