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Nintendo focuses on two games at this E3

Day 2 is all about Nintendo as they started of their presentation with Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild which looks really amazing. We also got to see more of Pokemon Sun/Moon and a bit of how the Legendary Pokemon are integrated into the game’s story. Nintendo also showed us a bit of gameplay and already one drastic change is that the game looks more immersive and taking full advantage of the 3D. One noticeable difference is that you can check what moves do before using them and looking at your opponents Pokemon buffs. We also saw a new Pokemon Yungoos that looks like an otter and Pikipek a bird that reminds me of Talonflame. They also showed us a new mode called Battle Royale were 4 players enter with 3 Pokemon and its a free for all battle. It’s very interesting and cool new battle mode to add to the series.

Up next we saw a trailer for the new Legend Of Zelda in the beginning but now we got some gameplay as Reggie explores a small valley in Hyrule. From the get go you get the sence that this game will differ from previous version as it feel more like a survivor action game where you have to acquire items to regain your health or new weapons because items wear down over time and break. You also get this sence that this is a very open game were you can explore anything and everything and the game encourages that. While its hard to call this a press conference with only showcasing two games but they are two games that are big sellers to Nintendo and I think they delivered what they needed to and that was to get people excited and have people talking about the games.



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