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The Metal Gear no one asked for

In case you missed it or were even unaware Gamescom just happened over in Germany this past week and one of the few things that resonated with me is the release of Metal Gear Survive. It’s basically what would happen if the Metal Gear series decided to add zombies into the mix. This resonates in a number of ways for starters as many of you know Konami and Hideo Kojima the creator of the Metal Gear series for lack of better terms had a very messy and public breakup with both parties moving on to other things. So for fans it seemed highly unlikely that they would ever see a Metal Gear game since Kojima had left the company who own the Metal Gear property. I guess we were all wrong and this is just another reason why Konami is slowly loosing its fan base as it continues to mishandled things. Sure there will be those who will buy this game but there are others that wont and perhaps even stop purchasing Konami games entirely as they see this a slap in the face by calling this a Metal Gear game even though it doesn’t have Kojimas impute. So far there is outrage throughout the internet but while that does count for something what hurts more is hurting their bottom line.



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