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Nintendo Switch

How about that Nintendo NK I mean Nintendo Switch trailer. Finally a few of the many questions we have on the device were answered. First of the controller which started of as your typical controller aside from them looking like a Wii/U controller detaches from the controller base and attaches to the Switch screen to be an on the go console. Lets just say the Nintendo Switch is a real on the go console as you can see in the trailer where multiple people use the console on the go in multiple ways like putting the screen down and detaching the controllers to play or using both controller pieces to play with a friend or find someone else with the switch to play against each other. We also saw that the Switch will have its games on SD cards and im sure downloadable somehow, so will have to see how much memory Nintendo initially provides us with if they go this route. Overall I think this is a real game changer while not as good as the Wii but so much better than the Wii U and I can see myself owning this but I also have a few questions about the Switch such as the price, battery life of the screen, are the games like Splatoon, Mario Kart games we saw new or simply just to show of the console.

So now that we saw the console in action and what its capable of are you sold or still wanna hear more about it before you simply say ” shut up and take my money” ?


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