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Recap on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally revealed more information about the Switch during its 1 hour press conference. Lets go down the list of new information we learned today first up on of the most important things the price point, the console will set you back $299.99 pretty much what most people were the price to be and a release date of March 3. Up next the console will have a battery life of 2.5 to 6 hours depending on the game you play, controllers or Joy-Con as they are being called will come in various colors sold separately. Nintendo will also have a paid online service with a trial period for early adopters of the system as well as 8 switch game pads connected for offline play

They also showed of some new games like 1 2 Switch which reminds me of Warioware and Arms a fighting game that looks interesting but nothing to be excited over. Both games seem more like introduction titles to get you familiar with the console similar to what Wii Sports was to the Wii. Some more exciting games like Splatoon 2 were shown arriving this summer. We also saw a very unique and exciting new game with that lovable plumber called Super Mario Odyssey unfortunately this game wont be out until the holiday season. Third party games were also present which is exciting to see since the Wii and Wii U didn’t have that much support. They ended the conference with announcing the release date for Breath of The Wild which will be out the same day as the console on March 3rd.

I’m excited about the console I think the price point is fair, looks like it will be able to compete with both the Xbox One and PS4 in terms of games. I like the battery life for the screen console and I like some of the titles that are coming out for the system. The One thing that I was disappointing about are the launch titles because aside from  Breath of The Wild, Arms and 1 2 Switch seem fun but nothing to get excited over. I also kinda wish they would have mentioned the price for an individual Joy-Con and shown a game been played with 8 Switch tablets connected rather than simply mentioning it. Overall the lineup for the console is pretty dismal and poor but I’m hoping that third party support will help resolve that by putting out games shortly after its launch so the console can pick up steam and flourish otherwise this could be the Wii U all over again and I’d hate for that to happen.


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