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Make way for the SNES Classic this Holiday season

With the news that Nintendo has discontinued the NES Classic after such a short time many people were saddened by the news because many now how to resort to dishing out 2 to 3 times the original sticker price for the console on Ebay or Craigslist. While I understand that this was never going to be on the market forever 5 months seems like a short time to have it out on the market especially when demand for it was high and supply was low.

But even with this dark news perhaps a glimmer of sunshine and hope as news has come out that the SNES Classic could be coming out this year in time for the holiday season. Here’s hoping that Nintendo has learned from its mistakes with the NES Classic and has enough supply for the demand otherwise we will have another instance where Nintendo disappoints fans.



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I've been gaming for many years now from the early days of the Nintendo all the way up to now. I was part of a site for a number of years but decided to venture out on my own. I created this site to see how far I could go on my own.

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