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No Pokemon Stars but Gold/Silver coming to Nintendo eShop

So today Nintendo released an 8 minute Pokemon Direct of all the games coming out and from all the speculations and rumors most everyone was expecting to finally get a confirmation about Pokemon Stars but alas the announcement never came leaving many people disappointed. What we did get instead was Pokken Tournament DX which is a beefier version of the Wii U game with new features that take advantage of the Switch’s multiple ways to play and new characters.

We also got an unexpected announcement for Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon with more content than the original games. Not sure how I feel about re-releasing a game a year after it came out, sure I understand new content but in an age were DLC is the norm couldn’t they have done that instead of making us buy the game again just for the new content. For me the most exciting thing about today’s Pokemon Direct was the announcement of Pokemon Gold/Silver for the 3DS on the eShop. Its one of the best games of the franchise and it still has one of the most memorable Gym leaders in the franchise, I’m referring to Whitney and her Miltank. Honestly can’t wait for this game to drop on September 22 and begin playing it once again.

It was disappointing to not see or hear concrete news about Pokemon Stars then again everything we had heard thus far was simply speculation but who knows maybe its still in the works and they were not ready to reveal it just yet. At the very least Switch owners can look forward to picking up Pokken Tournament DX on September 22 and 3DS will have to decide if picking up a copy of either Ultra Sun/Moon is worth it for them or if that’s not your cup of tea perhaps you will consider shelling out a few bucks and play the original Pokemon Silver/Gold on your 3DS.

So what games are you looking forward too or were you disappointed by Pokemon Direct as a whole ?



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