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Exciting time to be a Switch owner

In Nintendo fashion, they released their video for this years E3 called Nintendo Spotlight 2017 showcasing all of the upcoming titles coming this and next year. First up was Xenoblade Chronicles 2 a game that I missed out on the Wii, the visuals looks stunning on the Switch and gameplay looks just as incredible.

So remember about a week or so ago the Pokemon Company released a short video of all the Pokemon titles they were working on and everyone was disappointed when there was no mention of a Pokemon title coming to the Switch. Seems like they were saving that announcement for this video, while nothing was said aside from them confirming that a title will be coming to the Switch I’m sure people can take comfort that Pokemon is coming to the Switch. Another title that was simply announced was Metroid Prime 4 another title being developed for the switch.

Kirby and Yoshi were also present with their own titles which look cool but don’t expect these games any time soon, you’ll have to wait until next year to play them. Switch players can also expect a new Fire Emblem Warriors game coming out this fall. For those who own Breath Of The Wild Nintendo showed us both of the DLC coming to the game first up was The Master Trials were you get more trials, weapons and gear and the second DLC called The Champions Ballad introduces new payable characters to the game, I must say I envy anyone with a switch right now.

Nintendo also announced for anyone feeling left out of one of the most popular games out their right now, Rocket League is coming to the Switch this holiday season with some exclusive items only available on the Switch. Last but not least Nintendo also showed of one of the biggest games that they are working on Super Mario Odyssey, the more I see this game the more I wish I had the Switch, Nintendo always seems to be able to reinvent  the formula to some of its most popular titles and while sometimes it may not work “Metroid Other M”  Super Mario Odyssey looks like it going to be a hit among fans.

Nintendo showed of some great new titles and while I wish he had more than just announcements for Metroid 4 and the unnamed Pokemon game it delivered enough for me to want to get a Switch with titles like Super Mario Odyssey, Breath Of The Wild and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.




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