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EA Play Conference makes its presence known with some some cool titles

EA was first up to begin the week-long festivities of E3 and it started of first with Madden 18 story mode which looks like a football drama from a movie. Seems like a cool touch to get people who don’t play madden interested in the game and those who do something more than just the usual roster update.

Next up was battlefield 1 sure the game isn’t new but the maps and new campaign looks amazing. The new DLC which is set to come out in September and is called In The Name Of The Tsar and looks incredible as you fight through the snowy terrain not to mention the inclusion of women in the battlefield.

They also tried really hard to get people pumped and excited up for FIFA with a more realistic feel and look and while no doubt it’s a cool looking game it’s not a game that screams to me I must go out and get it. But those who are excited for FIFA you’ll be happy to know that Alex Hunter will make a return as he continues his story as the soccer phoneme.

We also saw the return of the Need For Speed franchise which from first glance seems to borrow some cues from The Fast and Furious franchise from a story perspective as well as Burnout with the crash cam. Looks like a fun title to pop in from time to time but honestly something I would skip over.

EA also unveiled one of the most exiting new games called A Way Out from the same person that brought us Brothers a Tale Of Two Sons a great an innovative title and you can see the influence of that game in this new game. The game is set in prison as two inmates try to work together as they try to break out of prison. Unlike bothers which was a single player game this game is meant to be played as a co-op game whether you play with a friend on the same screen or online. This is one of the most interesting games that I’ve seen so far from this years E3.

NBA 18 was also present and unlike FIFA and Madden which have story modes made for the lifetime channel, NBA Live 18 seems to focus less on that and more on your skills on the court. Bringing the skills from the streets to the court. Perhaps maybe one day Madden and FIFA will get similar modes too.

The presentation came to a close with one of the most exciting game from EA Battlefront 2, the visuals were stunning, gameplay and characters on-screen looked amazing and just everything about what they delivered looked incredible. The 15 minute or so that they spend on one level solidified as to why you need to play this game when it comes out.

EA showed a lot of games during its presentation from its typical sports titles which we’ve come to expect but surprised me with games A Way Out which caught my eye with its unique gameplay and Battlefront 2 a game I will look at closer and quite honestly stole the show for EA.


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