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Lots of games from Ubisoft at E3

At this years E3 press conference Ubisoft started of with a big splash with its first title Mario Rabbits Kingdom Battle which looks like a fun strategy game that resembles XCOM. As weird are it sounds to combine those 2 franchises it seems to work well.

After a well needed break we saw the return of the Assassin’s Creed series with Assassin’s Creed Origins. The game will take place in Egypt during the time of the Pharaoh’s. The visuals looked stunning and the desert landscape looked incredible and something I would want to play.

Next up the Crew 2 which looks to expand what the previous version did for the racing and car genre by expanding to the sea and air. Its hard not to be interested in a game like this which I can only assume will provide hours upon hours of fun and excitement. The Fractured But Whole also showed up to the press release with a release date for the game October 17th.

Ubisoft also made pirates look cool with Skull & Bones which got the crowd at the Ubisoft press excited including myself. Seems like they borrowed most everything from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag of being a pirate on the open sea’s and made that into a game. Honestly that was one of my favorite aspect of Black Flag

It wouldn’t be a Ubisoft presentation without one of their most popular franchises, Just Dance, I’ve enjoyed the music that they put on each of the games but just from the sound bites that they gave I was like whatever about the songs they presented so far. Obviously they only showed a few songs so perhaps the rest of the track list will be more exciting than what was heard.

They also unveiled what I can only describe as a combination of what the customization of the Gummi ships from Kingdom Hears with the exploration of worlds of No Mans Sky. The game looked cool and interesting but it another one of those games were you have to purchase these toy ships to get more out of the game. The game is called Starlink: Battle for Atlas and it will be available in the fall of next year. Looks really fun but don’s know if people want another one of these games connected to some sort of toy attachment.

Get ready because Farcry 5 is coming out and it looks like a beautiful over the top open world shooter, not much else I need to say other than that.

Finally remember a while back when we heard rumors about Beyond Good and Evil finally getting a sequel but then nothing after that. Well Ubisoft dropped the ultimate confirmation at this year’s E3 with trailer for the game. I’m super stoked for the game even though I know nothing as far as the story, how it will tie into the first game or when it will release but at least I know they are finally working on it and that’s a good start.

Overall Ubisoft had a lot of cool and interesting titles like Mario Rabbits Kingdom Battle, The Crew 2, then it had games like Just Dance which is always one of those fun party games but the music didn’t catch my ear this time around and Starlink: Battle for Atlas which looked cool but the toy gimmick turned me away from it. Then you had games like Assassin’s Creed and Farcry 5 which have been proven to be reliable franchises and then Beyond Good and Evil 2 which is a game that everyone has wanted for a long time but with so much time passing, here’s hoping they do the game justice.


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