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Unsung Story another Kickstarter scam

Kickstarters are always a gamble because you have to treat them as investments sometimes they pay off and sometimes in the case of Unsung Story they don’t which is unfortunate for those who put money into it $660,126 to be exact.

The game was going to be a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics and was going to be developed by Yasumi Matsuno who also developed FF Tactics, along side with Playdek a small company known for its tabletop and card based games, it seemed like a winning combination. Unfortunately that’s not how this ends, shortly after they reached their goal which was $600,000 things started to go downhill and peoples confidence in the Kickstarter started to fade away from the lack of communication, constant delays of the game and simply seeing screenshots which didn’t seem to coincide with the amount of money that was raised for the game. I would be pretty upset too if I was kept in the dark for so long and simply given something that looks and feels completely different than what I asked for. I think id be even outraged and downright pissed when the company decided to up and part ways with the project which is what Playdek did and passed the torch on to Little Orbit a small company responsible for games licences games likes Adventure Time and Barbie games. While it is a bit comforting to know that someone else is taking over the project it doesn’t undue what Playdek did by essentially deceiving people into buying into a product that they couldn’t even deliver.

While I feel for anyone who put their hard earned money into this, at the end of the day you are simply investing into something you hope turns out great but you also have to go in understating that their are no guarantees, its still shady for Playdek to have nothing to show leaving people wondering how they spent all that money because it just makes it seem like someone ran away with the money. This serves as a reminder that while there are great kickstarters you always have to be cautious or at the very least know that sometimes you don’t get what you feel you paid for.


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