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The Last Of Us 2 Trailer drops and it’s brutal

PlayStation surprised everyone this morning by dropping the first of many trailers to come for one of the most anticipated games of this consoles generation. The game I’m referring to is The Last Of Us II, the first game was highly praised by many as one of the pinnacles of story telling in gaming all I can say is that if you didn’t get a chance to pick the first game up whether it be for the PS3 or the remake version I highly recommend you play the game. In the trailer all I can say is they are not afraid to show the brutality of what a post apocalyptic world could look like which was also very present in the first game. Those who played the first game will notice from the trailer that Ellie and Joel were not present perhaps we will play new characters and Ellie and Joel will play smaller roles this time around, who knows, this is still only the first of I’m sure many more trailers, so I’m sure we’ll see Ellie and Joel in another trailer. While no date was shown it’s still exciting to see something from the last of Us II.


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